Your Jewellery Insurance Partner

ASG Insurances is a specialist in jewellers business insurance with over 40 years’ expertise. We work with clients to design, set up and manage comprehensive jewellers block policies and value added insurance, to protect jeweller business interests and minimise risk.

Bespoke Jewellery Insurance Exclusive To Your Business

ASG Insurances’ jewellers block policies include standard cover for:

  • Total cover for theft for a sum insured declared including 100% stock cover for break in, hold up or snatch and grab.
  • Window and store displays during the day and an agreed sum insured for overnight cover.
  • A no limit per item for all jewellery items.

We then work with you to enhance and tailor your jewellery business policy to include additions such as:

  • Business interruption including fixed costs cover such as premises rent and staff wages in the event you are unable to trade.
  • Out of business stock cover insurance to ensure any jewellery outside of company premises such as loans for events are covered.
  • Assessment of security systems to ensure they meet the insurance cover requirements.
  • Public and product liability.
  • Professional indemnity for jewellery valuers.
  • Building insurance.

ASG Insurances expertise covers Retail, Manufacturing & Wholesale Jewellers and bullion traders and superannuation funds.

For a confidential discussion and free no-obligation quote contact Anton Gelbart at ASG Insurances on:

Phone: (02) 8986 8040