Supporting You Through Your Claim

ASG Insurances’ specialist experience and support for our clients extends to professional expert claims handling. Our personalised approach, managed directly by Anton Gelbart ensures your claim is handled professionally. Anton will act on your behalf, including attending meetings with you where appropriate to ensure your claim is processed and finalised swiftly and efficiently.

How Do I Make A Claim?

Contact Anton Gelbart on (02) 8986 8040 to discuss the incident and the next steps to make a claim. Anton will then handle the claim on your behalf saving you time and taking the stress out of the situation.

What Information Do I Need To Make a Claim?

When making a claim, information on the incidence, documentation and other information such as receipts, photographs or invoices will be required.  In most instances ASG Insurances will documentation covered and we will work with you to complete the documentation and submit and manage the claim.

How Do I Lodge a Claim?

Following contact with Anton Gelbart at ASG Insurances, he will advise you on the right steps to take and will lodge the claim on your behalf.

Do I Need To Complete a Claim Form?

Contact Anton Gelbart who will advise you what forms you will need to complete.

“In the event of a crisis, when we had a fire in one of our kitchens, Anton was sensational. He always had our best interests at heart, and was involved all the way through the claim. We had full comfort that the insurer was handling our case with extreme urgency, making it a “pain free” experience for us, and ensuring our kitchen was fixed with minimal disruption and a swift re-imbursement that supported our cash flow”.
Jared, Business Owner, Pasta Pantry

“A seamless process that allowed us to continue running our business.”
Lester Brand, Jewellery Store Owner

For a confidential discussion about your business requirements contact Anton Gelbart at ASG Insurances on:

Phone: (02) 8986 8040